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Saturday, 10 October 2015.

Building on Past Success

One version of old jumble script has been released - another new version that takes advantage of php and MySQL is about to be unleashed. Watch this space for details...

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New Project: Victorians

A small collection of puzzles and interactive games on a Victorian history theme.

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Today's tip: Palindromic Numbers

Palindromic numbers can be read the same backwards or forwards. 1246421 is a palindromic number. Can you find out anything special about their factors?

Previous Games

Angle Estimator Decide which angle is the same as the one drawn by the computer.

Shade Shade in the correct number of regions to equal the fraction given.

Switch Put the sequence of decimal numbers into ascending order by switching them round.

Pie Test Estimate the size of the sector of the pie chart which has been shaded yellow..

Fraction Switch Put the sequence of fractions into ascending order by switching them round.

A longer list of the Arithmetic Arcade interactivities.

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Neither books nor people have Velcro Sides- there must be a bonding agent- someone who attaches child to book
Jim Trelease
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